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2022/23 Employment tax year changes

tax rate card for 2022/23

Calling all employers: it’s that time of the year when the 2022/23 employment tax year changes are about to commence.

At the start of the tax year (6 April 2022) the National Living Wage (AKA National Minimum Wage) is going up to £9.50 an hour, if your employee is aged 25 or over. Other rates are also in operation.

The personal allowance is remaining at £12,570 and the Basic Rate ceiling stays at £50,570.

The National Insurance starting level for employees has now been restored to the income tax starting point of £12,570 but due to the 11th hour nature of the announcement this only starts from 6 July 2022. However the employer threshold is £9,100 but at least the employer’s allowance has increased to £5,000.

All the key rates are available on our popular tax cards. They contain more than just the 2022/23 employment tax year changes.

All employers need to be aware of these changes – hence our call to you! The 2022/23 changes for the tax year are just another worry for you. However if there is any way we can help you then please get in touch

tax rate card for 2022/23
tax rate card for 2022/23


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