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Contractors and online accountants


Buying products and services online is often associated with value for money and ease, but many contractors are realising that online accountancy firms are an expensive and frustrating business.

The trouble with web-based accountants is that they treat their clients like numbers on a spreadsheet and add no value to the relationship – leading to serious and costly mistakes. They tie clients into contracts and force them to use of their preferred accounting software. Advice is not forthcoming or proactive, often leaving the responsibility firmly in the hands of the client!

The reality is that many contractors feel ripped off, locked in and resentful of the amount of tax they’re paying! Online apps are all very good if you know exactly what you are supposed to feed into them!

Many contractors who trade via a limited company are turning to Aysgarth Chartered Accountants for our personal approach to accountancy. As a firm we take time to get to know our customers, explain in simple language, all of their responsibilities and support them in maximising their profits and success.

Recently we met with a contractor who had a P60 showing nil. After a short discussion we were able to show him the mistakes with his salary and corporation tax computations. His relief and delight were evident in the feedback we received: “It is evidence in itself of [the accountancy firm’s] approach being somewhat lacking, that you were able to explain things much more clearly to me in the space of a telephone call and a few emails in less than a week, than [they could] in a year and a half!”

If there are any freelancers and contractors who would like a bit more hand holding when it comes to accounts and tax, and all via a personalised bespoke service, then please get in touch – we would love to help!


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