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Podcast interview by Documentation Not Included 11.2


Simon Young from Aysgarth Chartered Accountants was interviewed by the Documentation Not Included team of Josey and Chris for their podcast Episode v11.2: In the Black: Freelancer Financials.

The team have a real accountant join them this week. Chris finds himself shocked about regulations. Josey explains the dangers of relying on word of mouth. And our guest, Simon Young proves that accountants do indeed have a sense of humour…and so much more!

Topics for freelancers and contractors discussed included:

  • When should you register a company
  • IR35
  • How to get good accounting advice
  • Questions to ask your accountant
  • And the icebreaker: would you rather be a giant rodent or minature elephant?

You can listen to the interview at FiresideApple PodcastsSpotifyTuneIn etc as well as watching it on YouTube!

Sat in the office in Leeds Simon enjoyed the interview, which was over too quickly, but if your question was not answered then maybe next-time it will be! And in the meantime please browse through our other blogs, especially the ones on IR35 and whether or not to incorporate as a company, or please get in touch.


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