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Social Media has changed so much in our lives and businesses. It has long ceased to be the preserve of teenagers.

Businesses have been on Facebook and Twitter for a number of years now. It is a great way of reaching a large number of people and businesses – potential customers. However care must be taken, do you remember the negative PR over the McDonalds’ Twitter campaign #McDStories and Waitrose’s #WaitroseReasons?

We have much to learn about Twitter and other social media, but in a recent report looking at accountants in Leeds we were:

1st in the Top Twitter Account by Average Quality of Tweets, beating the Big 4 and other Top 10 firms;

7th in the Top Followed Twitter Accounts (and first independent firm); and

7th in the Top Twitter Accounts by Overall Score (and first independent firm)

So here are our thoughts on Twitter:

Twitter tip No. 1. Do not send an automatic Direct Message when someone follows you. A personalised Tweet is so much better. We immediately unfollow anyone who sends us unwarranted DMs.

Twitter Tip No 2. Don’t RT literally every Tweet on your timeline as you will clog up ours! We need to see the wood from the trees.

Twitter Tip No.3 Clever users of Twitter sometimes stop talking and instead start listening.

Twitter Tip No 4: There is a balance to be had here, but do not repeat your tweets too many times. Repetition can be bad.

Twitter Tip No 5: Do not send loads of Tweets all at the same time but allow some delay between tweets. Seeing 5 tweets in a row from the same person or organisation looks odd. They won’t be read. Some systems allow you to schedule your tweets to go later on in the day.

Twitter Tip No 6 Do not let Bots tweet on a regular basis for you. On Christmas Day we do not want to read – “Happy Tuesday what are you all up to today?”!! And we couldn’t care less how many followers you have lost today or what you have just bought from Amazon.

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