Tax Accounting

Preparing Tax Returns

Preparing tax returns and filing them is part of the standard work of an accountant. You need to know how much tax is owed and when it is due to be paid.

We work with our clients, whether in Leeds or elsewhere, to see how their affairs can be organised so that they pay no more tax than is required.

In tax there are a lot of grey areas. Without an informed tax accountant steering you through this minefield you may well get it wrong or at least worry that that was the case. We give you peace of mind. As you work with us we will take the worry out of tax and make sure your tax returns are filed promptly and that you have as much warning as possible about the tax you owe.

As an Accountancy practice we do not divorce your personal tax position from that of your business. For example we see no point in saving your company 19% tax if you have to then pay 40% (or more) tax. We look at you and your business as a single entity and our advice takes you, your family and your business into consideration.

We offer clients the opportunity to have our costs covered for representing them if they are subject to an HM Revenue & Customs tax investigation. This is backed by insurance cover. Please contact us for more information.